Merging custom fields in bulk emails

Can I use my custom fields in my bulk emails?

I am pretty sure that I confirmed that this was possible during my onboarding, but now I am no longer seeing the option to pick my custom fields from the “merge fields” menu. 

What might I be doing wrong? 


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Hi @Cecilie ,

Thank you for posting your question into the Copper Community!

Yes, custom fields are available for use in Bulk Emails. Here are the steps to add a Custom Field, if you do not see your custom fields appearing, I recommend reaching out to Copper Support to troubleshoot by opening a chat in your Copper app.


Custom Fields in Bulk Emails:

  1. Compose a Bulk Email
  2. While composing, select the “+” button, and then select “Merge fields”


  3. Scroll or search to find the custom field you are looking to merge.


Kind regards,


Thank you, Chris. I just realized the issue here. 


My custom fields are showing up as Merge fields in the Bulk Email function; however, it’s not showing up when I want to add the email as template.

I was trying to prep a template ahead of a conference next week.

Is this normal or a bug? 



Hi Chris and Cecilie-


I’m doing a Copper Trial and having the same issue as Cecilie.  Is there a way to use our custom contact fields in an email template?  


Thank you!

@gbboyle2, I realized what I did wrong — I was trying to pull custom fields into a template. I realized that I couldn’t add custom fields to my template emails, but that once I accessed the Bulk Email tool from the People menu, I had no issue pulling my custom fields as merge fields. 

Don’t know if it’s the same for you, of course. But thought I’d share in case. 

@Cecilie - I follow what you are saying and I had the same experience.

I did, however, come up with a workaround.  Not being able to use my custom fields in templates is a deal killer for me.

What I found is that you can build the template using your custom fields in the Bulk Email sender.  Then copy all and paste it into the template builder the custom fields will fill correctly :) 

One limitation I found is that you can’t update the template with custom fields.  If you make changes the custom fields go #undefined.  But so far it seems to be a decent workaround.


Hope that makes sense. 

@gbboyle2 love that! Thank you for sharing!