Meeting scheduler invitations- do they translate into other languages?

  • 14 December 2021
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Hi all :) 


I have a question about the meeting scheduler function- does this translate to other languages at all? I am not sure if the Copper platform translates to other languages at all, hence why I am unsure if the meeting invitations translate too.

I would appreciate some guidance on this. Thank you :)


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3 replies

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Hi @patrycjad! Nice to see you around :)

I think your question is actually two questions:


Does Copper translate into other languages?

Yes, you can change your language if you go to Settings > Personal Preferences > My Preferences > Language. I’ll put a picture below.


Then the next question is:

If I change my language in Copper, will it translate the meeting scheduler too?

The answer is no :( Your meeting scheduler will remain in English.

You can submit an Idea for our team if you would like to see this feature in the future. But for now it is not possible.

@Michelle from Copper Thank you for answering Michelle :) 

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@patrycjad Glad I could answer your question! By the way, I am going to mark my original reply as “Best Answer” so that other people can find it easily.