Mailing to Couples - Can we make it easier

  • 16 March 2023
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Hi There, 


I am wondering if anyone can share with me what they have found to be the easiest way to export a mailing list where you want one snail mail item to go to two clients for example a couple at the same address. 


Right now I have the mailing address for each person in their file, Mr and Mrs Smith for both the husband and the wife, but when I go to export the list of all my ‘people” i now have two line items in excel for the same person and have to delete the duplicates. 


I could create a tag for the primary member of the couple, and then export based on the tag? but that seems to leave room for manual errors. 


Would love to see an option when exporting lists to be asked if we want duplicates to be removed - that would be amazing.


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Hi @MichelleColorado, thanks for posting! This is an interesting challenge. To be honest, I’m not sure if this is best handled inside of Copper. The underlying data (different names, same address) is technically correct, so it’s not an export issue. And they are not actually duplicates since they are supposed to be two separate contacts, so it’s not a data cleanup issue issue either.

My recommendation is to handle this within Excel. I found some info on how to automatically highlight duplicates in Excel. From a high level, you select the column you want to detect duplicates for and it will highlight them for you. You could also have it delete those duplicates, but in your case I recommend just highlighting them and manually deleting the duplicates. This gives you a chance to double-check if they really should have the same address listed, and also to update the name on the mailing address (to: Mr. & Mrs. Smith).

Let me know if that helps!