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  • 28 November 2022
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Hi, I wrote an email in Copper to a lead and pushed send. Then I had to log in to Gmail, because I was automatically logged out (Gmail do that some times). Now the email has dissapeared from Copper, is not on the list of synced emails, and is not in sent emails from Gmail. Where can I find the email I wrote? 

4 replies

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Hi @Jan-BE, thanks for posting! To be honest, if you do not see the emails in your Gmail outbox, then they probably didn’t send (and therefore wouldn’t be synced to Copper).

I’m guessing when Gmail logged you out, it interrupted the email sending process. Since it’s been a couple of hours, I recommend taking another look at your Gmail outbox. If the email is still not there then most likely it never sent in the first place.

You mentioned “finding the lost email” - are you more concerned about getting the email send to sync into Copper, or about having the contents of the email? If it’s more about the sync, then you’ll just have to re-send the email (assuming it never sent in the first place). If it’s more about having a copy of the text, then unfortunately I don’t have a direct solution for you other than checking the drafts section of your Gmail.

Hi Michelle, 

Ok, thanks for your reply. I guess it just disappeared, so I've written it again and sent it to the recipient, who I hope hasn't already received it...

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@Jan-BE Got it. It sounds like your Gmail session was already expired when you sent the email, so I’m doubting that the email sent at all. And if it’s not in your Gmail outbox and it’s not in Copper, then I wouldn’t worry too much about it. 🙂

Hi Michelle, 

Thank you, I think the customer only got in once, no worries about that :-) However, as a suggestion for improvement for Copper, I would like that emails written in Copper are temporarily stored in Copper so that they do not disappear if synchronization with gmail does not work.