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  • 4 July 2022
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Can you remove ‘log your first activity’ and all other associated learn more features. I don’t need them.


Best answer by Michelle from Copper 4 July 2022, 16:15

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7 replies

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Hi @GamingSquad! It sounds like you’re referring to the tool tips that pop up when you open Copper for the first time. I don’t have direct power to turn off those items for you, but our team is currently re-evaluating how they work. Would you mind answering these couple of questions?

  1. Are these tool tips showing up in the Chrome extension, the web app, or the mobile app?
  2. Are they showing up during the first time you’re logging in to each area? Or are they popping up at other times too?

Thanks GamingSquad! I’ll relay your feedback to the Product team.


EDIT: I believe you are referring to this “blank state” prompt here - let me know if that’s correct!


This should disappear after you log an activity on any record for the first time. However there is a bug where it continues to appear. Our engineers are working on it and are expecting to resolve it early this week.

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Hi Michelle

On the web app.

They pop up every time I go to add a task, create an activity etc.

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Thanks @GamingSquad!

I got in touch with our Product team, and based on your description it looks like you’re referring to this prompt:


It’s supposed to disappear after the first time you log an activity. But there’s a bug that’s causing it to re-appear. Our engineers are working on it and should have it fixed early this week.


Edit: Our engineers have removed this view now.

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Thank you

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Hi @GamingSquad, this view should be removed now. Can you confirm that you’re no longer seeing it?

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Hi not seeing it so far.

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Great thank you for confirming @GamingSquad! I’m going to mark my previous response as Best Answer so that others can see it easily. Let us know if anything else comes up!