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  • 1 July 2021
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Hi Team,

Our client has a unique question regarding Copper Accounts. He has an account under

He has a personal Gmail account and we were wondering if it was possible to use or link both accounts together instead of purchasing another license for his personal Gmail account.

The client is a lawyer (Law Firm), so basically he has his work email as the Copper Account and there are a lot of people who are also emailing his personal email account as to we would like to get this link if possible.

Is there an alternative option aside from purchasing another license for his personal Gmail account, which won't make sense, since he is a one man team?

Looking forward to you feedback.


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Thanks for the question, @mervz . 

Unfortunately, in this case, your client will need to purchase an additional Copper license since each license can only be linked to one email address. 

Please let us know if you have any additional questions. 


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@mervz is this just to get some of these work-focused emails sent to his personal inbox getting logged into Copper?

If so, they could set up an automatic email forward from personal to work for either all emails, or even filter it based on certain criteria (that makes it work focused), and that'll get those emails into Copper.

From there, I'd recommend setting up the work email address as an email alias on their personal account, that way, they can respond to a personal email from their work account (simply change over the "from" field to the work alias), and you've essentially moved the conversation from personal, to work, and got everything logged/tracked within Copper 👌

Hi @Evan from Copper and @alex, thanks for your reply. Yes, that is the quick fix I have provided to the client. It’s just that he was looking forward to get the functionality of the Chrome Extension even if he was using his personal gmail account. It’ll really speed up his transactions and properly relate email accordingly whether the email was from his work email or personal gmail. He is just inquiring if there are possible ways without purchasing licenses since both accounts are his. 

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Gotttt it 👌 @mervz - curious, what happens if he adds the Copper Chrome extension to his personal account, but simply logs into his work email within the extension? That way Copper should at the very least be accessible from the right-hand side from his personal inbox. Just not sure how "relating" emails from the personal inbox would work. It should give them some functionality though!

Hi @alex, yeah.. however the Copper account is registered on his Work email. Thus if he is login to his personal Gmail, the extension will show an error and remind that there is no copper account link to his personal Gmail. As a lawyer, he has lots of emails and contacts on his personal account. Imagine if the extension is working on both Gmail accounts, the ease of adding person to Copper and relating records will be easy for him. (Only achievable at the moment if both his work email and personal email are registered to 1 license each.) 


What he wanted was to only have 1 license and get both work and personal email linked to that 1 copper license.