Jumping to a list of companies that start with a certain letter

  • 22 June 2021
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I have ~4000 companies. I’d like to go through those that start with a certain letter, say “F,” and go down the list and edit them. Currently there is no way of doing this. If there was a bar that appeared on the side with the letters, I could easily jump to the letter I want by clicking on the letter. Sort of like a phone book.


Copper told me I can use the search function. But say if I search for “F” it will return anything that has “f in it. Or If I search for “Fa”, it will show all companies that have an “fa” in it, even if they start with another letter, even if fa is at the end of the company name. So it is completely useless. It will also only the results that match that, I cannot scroll down the list to the next alphabetical context.



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4 replies

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Great point! I agree - Copper’s team will probably tell you create this as an “idea” instead of a question so the product team can monitor the interest.

I think this would be a great UX improvement though and know that Copper has been focusing on List View UX improvements lately!

Thank you! I’ll try that


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@naileberna course! And when you’re creating a new post (question), you simply change the selector to “Idea”:


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Hi @naileberna, thanks for creating an Idea for this! Since it’s now an Idea the product team can take a look at it.

For anyone watching this thread, here’s the link to the Idea post: