Is it possible to have private tasks?

  • 28 August 2021
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I use an external app for managing many work related tasks that are not sales / project related. If I could have private tasks, I could see myself getting rid of that external app and managing all of my work items within Copper.


Not sure if this is possible.



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2 replies

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You can set the task visibility to "Only me":


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Hi @Alext, @alex’s suggestion sounds like it would make sense for your use case. I’ll add a couple of points here:

  1. You can use bulk edit to change the visibility of multiple tasks at once - this would be helpful if you already have some in Copper. To do this, select multiple tasks and then click the pencil icon near the top.
  2. You can set the default visibility to “Only me” for your tasks by going to Settings > Personal Preferences > My Preferences > Tasks.

Some folks will set their tasks to be visible to “Only me” by default and then expand the visibility on a task-by-task basis.

Hope that helps!