Interconnecting Fields between People, Companies, Opportunities, etc

  • 2 September 2021
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We have some standard fields such as Lead Status (we don’t use Leads section) and some Custom Fields which do not populate from say People to Company even though under Custom Fields I have made them visible under both.  Is this a glitch? If not, how do I get them to interconnect?

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3 replies

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Hi @Duane, it sounds like you’re looking for a way to get data that you enter on a Person record to copy over to an equivalent field on a Company record. Do I have the right understanding?

If that’s the case, we don’t have a native function to do that. Though you have applied the field to both People and Companies, that only adds the field to each place. It does not connect them.

I have seen some folks use a Copper-to-Copper Zapier connection to achieve that functionality.

If this is an important feature for you, I recommend you post in the Ideas section for our product team to review.

Let me know if I understood your question correctly or if there’s more to it. Thanks Duane!

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Sorry for the delay - I did not see your response.  Yes I expect that these fields would be interconnected, infact they are the same labelled field so why would they be the same field.  It only makes sense… 

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Hi @Duane, thanks for submitting this as an Idea! I’m putting the link here in case someone stumbles on this thread in the future.