Importing new AND current People records

I recently attended a conference and wish to upload the attendee list to our database. The attendee list, which is in CSV format, has each individual’s name, company name, and position title. It does not include their emails. Some of the individuals are in our database, others are not. What is the most efficient way to:

  • Import the records I have in the spreadsheet/update existing records in Copper without creating duplicates, especially considering that I do not have emails associated with each record in the spreadsheet?
  • Tag all of the individuals on the spreadsheet without overwriting their existing tags?

I believe this would require identifying who is currently in our database, exporting that list, and cross-checking the exported records with the CSV spreadsheet, but that seems rather cumbersome. What is the best way to go about doing this?

Thank you.

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Hi @Davin, thanks for posting! You are correct that this process is trickier if your CSV file doesn’t include their email address.To be honest, the process you described is pretty much exactly how I would do it.

  1. Export the contacts who are in Copper
  2. Separate their tags into individual columns (i.e. one tag per column)
  3. Add another column containing the tag you would like to add
  4. Re-import into Copper and select Manage Matching Records (screenshot below)


For your net-new contacts, you can simply import them as usual - just make sure to add a column for a tag in the CSV file.


I hope that helps!

Thanks Michelle, that does help. What might make this process smoother in the future is the ability to select to add a new tag automatically instead of overwriting them; for instance, a “Keep Existing Tags” checkbox. I hope this is in the development pipeline!