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  • 14 October 2022
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I have only 5 columns in an Excel file that I am trying to import. 

  1. Person - Name
  2. Person - First name
  3. Person - Last Name
  4. Person - Job Title
  5. Company (note - the companies in my file have a hyperlink to the associated website for this column)

I want to import these but when I do by company I run into some sort of issue with needing to set field name but 4 of the above options do not appear.  So I then start over and import  as Contacts which completes EXCEPT the individual contacts appear as “Individual ____” which means I might as well enter manually at that point.

This can’t be so difficult?

2 replies

For the record, this page is unhelpful for importing. Copper Team...Make it easy...give me the column headers in a sample excel file and the option of how to import a list of companies and contacts.

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Hi @ericdee, thank you for posting and I apologize for the longer-than-normal response time.

It sounds like you are trying to import both People and Companies - is that correct?

If that’s the case, you actually need to do separate imports: one to create the Company entities, and one to create the People inside those Companies.


Based on the columns you listed, your Company import sheet would look like this:

Company Name Website Email Domain

The “Email Domain” column is not strictly necessary, but it will help the system prevent duplicate Companies in the future.


Once you import Companies, you can import People who would go under them. The sheet would look like this:

First Name Last Name Position Company
Michelle Lee Enablement Manager Copper
Sergey Brin Cofounder Google

For People, you should import either Full Name or First Name + Last Name. You’ll also want to make sure there’s a column for “Company” which contains the exact name of the Company you imported into Copper.

I strongly recommend including a column for their email address whenever possible.


We do also offer file templates for each record type. You can find them by going to the page where you upload your file (Settings > Manage Your Data > Import Data > Import Companies / People > CSV or Excel).


Let me know if that helps!