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  • 22 November 2021
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I have a CSV file for each of my Opportunities.  Each file contains new people to add to each opportunity (or Company) to receive our newsletters.  How can I import a CSV file containing the contact fields of people directly as new people of the Opportunity they work for?

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Hi @Ken Seddon,

To attach those people to a company, just make sure your CSV has a column for Company. You’ll want to make sure that each Company name in the file exactly matches the Company name in your system. When you upload that list, it will automatically attach those new people to the companies in the Company column.

Now, for attaching people to opportunities - we don’t have an automatic function for that. The importing system was originally designed to receive imports files in this order: Companies, People, then Opportunities. This becomes an issue when you want to work backwards and add people to opportunities, such as in your case. You’ll need to import those people first and then manually associate them to their respective opportunities.

There are some product folks re-evaluating our import experience - I’m going to send this thread to them as part of their exploration. I might convert this into an Idea. If I do, I’ll make sure to tag you.

For your newsletters - are you keeping track of subscribers within each company and opportunity? The most common way to track them is either through a tag on each contact or a custom field (checkbox or dropdown) on each contact. This makes it easier because you can directly filter your list by who’s subscribed and who’s not.