How to troubleshoot error message in Google Sheet add-on.

  • 10 December 2021
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We have a Google Sheet that imports 4-5 different lists.  All are refreshing fine but one presents an error message “Custom Filter Doesn’t Exit – The custom filter you’re attempting to use no longer exists in Copper”. 


How do I troubleshoot what’s causing this issue?  I see now place to go in and look at what filters are being used for the import, or which field is giving me the error.  Is it easier just to delete that tab and re-create the import on a new tab?


Best answer by Kevin from Copper 10 December 2021, 22:14

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Hi @JordanIB,

Your assessment is correct. Deleting the tab and importing the data in fresh would be the best next step. If you are still having difficulties after that, then please contact our technical support team through the in-app chat.



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Thanks @Kevin from Copper .  This worked well. 


Follow up Q - I initially didn’t want to mess anything else up on the original sheet, so I duplicated the sheet, and created the new data import on the duplicate sheet.  However, the Copper add-on only recognized this newly created data import. It did not list or allow me to refresh any of the other data imports that were present on the original sheet (and that I figured would have carried over to the duplicate).  


Any remedy for this?  Duplicating a sheet and to add/modify without disrupting the original sheet would be helpful.


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Hi @JordanIB when you duplicate a sheet, it technically copies over the content of the export, not the export itself. That’s why your duplicate sheet is not allowing you to refresh the copy.

I don’t know of a native solution for refreshing data off a sheet that is a duplicate of a google sheets export. When I do my own reporting, I only make a copy of the sheet when I’m ready to create an archive copy (i.e. the refresh function is no longer necessary).

Have you considered using one Google Sheets file to do all the exports, and having all your reports simply pull data from that file? That way you can build multiple reports that work off the same data exports. And you can refresh your data in one file rather than jumping around to each report. The importrange function might work for that purpose.

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Thanks @Michelle from Copper . Had not considered having a “master” sheet with all the imports and then pulling from that file.  Will look into it, and I appreciate the suggestion,

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@JordanIB happy to help! Let us know if you have any follow up questions :thumbsup: