How to Handle Contacts that Have Left a Company/Organization?

  • 2 February 2022
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How do folks handle a contact/person that has left a certain company or organization? Assuming they don’t come back as a lead at the other company, do you change the contact type? For now, I have created one called “No Longer with Company” as I didn’t really want to delete them… are there other ways to handle this beyond actually deleting the contact? 

3 replies

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Hi @td89 :wave:

There is no native feature available in Copper to manage this scenario specially, but updating the list for Contact type to include “no longer with company” so you can filter these individuals out in future is one option we recommend! Two other workarounds are: 

  • Change the Title of the record to include No Longer at Company (ex. John Smith (LEFT) 
  • Create a custom checkbox noting No Longer at Company (for the ability to filter if necessary) 

I hope this helps!

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We track Contacts that change Companies by having a Relationship Field between Person (was employee at...) and Company (was employer of...)

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@Rob Jones at ASE that’s a great idea! And it works well because you’ll naturally create a running list of all former employees and employers for each person/company. Which is especially helpful for tracking when someone moves multiple times!