How to export only certain fields?

  • 7 June 2021
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I am looking for a way to export specific Opportunities into a word doc or excel file BUT with only the exact info in each opportunity. For context - the info we input for each opportunity eventually has to be entered on a separate form to be given to a different team. Looking to get rid of having to enter same info twice in 2 different locations. 

I know Copper has the ability to do a bulk export of all opportunities and I know that from the Opportunities page you can select specific ones and they will export to excel. But I want to know if there is a way to export the screen exactly how it looks or at least with just those fields. See attached photo 


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Hi @Mindre, I made you a video explaining how to do this. Essentially, you can use the Google Sheets add-on to set up an export, and then delete the extra fields/columns you don’t need.

Let me know if that helps!

P.S. I added more details to the topic title for visibility purposes.

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Thanks this was very helpful! Is there a way for the connected fields to export too though? I need all our connected fields to be exported as well

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Hi @Mindre, I’ve looked into this for you. Unfortunately, the Google Sheets add-on does not export connect fields. You’d have to export them from the in-app export, which will give you all the full set of fields for your records and not a subset like you asked about.

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Is there a way to use API to export the connected fields into google sheets? 

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Hi @Mindre, here is the link to the API documentation for querying Connect Field data. It will require custom development work.

Hello - are you working on creating the ability to export all files (pdfs for example)  uploaded  into the related "files" in "people" ? 

How do you export a complete record including any / all uploaded attachments in the “People” type without individually downloading per contact?  Need to do in a batch…….