How to Add Google Cal Event into Copper from Alias Email

  • 13 September 2022
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I have an alias email where clients send an email request to and I get it to my work email. I answer from my work email but events are scheduled through the alias email google cal. The google cal is shared with my work email as well. My work email is the one linked to Copper. Can I add the google cal events into clients logs in Copper? I see I can create a reminder, but I want to show that the event is booked in their opportunity. 


Please let me know, thanks! 

1 reply

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Hi @GCLee, thanks for posting! Our Google Calendar sync only works for the calendar belonging to the email you registered with. In your case, that sounds like it’s your work email.

If you need the Calendar events from that alias to sync into Copper, you would either have to invite your work email as a participant in those calendar events, or add that other email address as a user in Copper.