How to add existing records into a new pipeline

  • 28 March 2023
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I’ve created a new pipeline and I want to add some of our existing contacts (companies) into the pipeline. They are already a contact of ours for other pieces of work and we have this new pipeline to target a new piece of software to them. I can’t work out how to do this.

If I am in the pipeline and click on the Add New button, it gives me two options of Add an Opportunity or Import an Opportunity, If I click add an opportunity it brings up a blank worksheet to fill in rather than pulling through existing company details when I start typing the name.

Is this possible?

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You'd want to create an opportunity and tie in a primary contact from the company you're trying to add (primary contacts are required for opportunities).

If you don't yet have a primary contact, you might be better off using the lead section for this as it probably means you're trying to make a sales process that's quite a bit earlier (not yet qualified).

Anyway, simply just tie in the primary contact to the opportunity and create a bunch of opportunities, name them the company name (with the software you're trying to market to them) if you'd like.

Here's a post that goes into some best practices for setting up Copper that should hopefully help with better understanding Leads vs Opportunities pipeline and how they should be set up.