How do I make to-do lists for each pipeline stage?

  • 11 May 2021
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Basically, every stage in our pipeline involves a set of tasks or to-dos that need to be done before moving to the next stage. How do I build this in Copper?


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Hi Maryanne! This is a great question and one that we hear often. 

To achieve this, you will want to leverage Copper’s Workflow Automation (available on Professional and Business plans).

In this example, we’ll assume you want to receive a reminder to schedule a presentation meeting after you move an Opportunity in the Sales Pipeline to the “Presentation” stage.

To begin the setup process, start by Navigating to Settings > Customize > Automation > Workflow Automation. Then click “Add Workflow”. 

  1. Name your workflow something recognizable. In this example, we’ll call it “Schedule the client presentation”
  1. Define the trigger as an Opportunity and the trigger type as “Any time an Opportunity is Updated or Created”
  2. Add 2 trigger conditions:
    1. When Pipeline Equals Sales
    2. When Stage Equals Presentation 
  3. Set the Filter Conditions to “All of the conditions are met (AND)”
  4. Define the Action type as “Create” and what it is creating as “Task”
  5. Add 7 fields and define what details will be added to each field when the Task is created
    1. Set the following fields:
      1. Name - Standard - Schedule Presentation
      2. Owner - Use a Formula - assignee_id
      3. Due Date - Use Formula - DATEADD(CURRENTDATE(),1)
      4. Due Time - Standard - 9:00 AM
      5. Reminder Time - Use a Formula - DATEADD(CURRENTDATE(),1)
      6. Reminder Time - Standard - Noon
      7. Activity Type - Standard - To Do
  1. Save your workflow
  2. Turn on your workflow
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This is exactly how we do it. Workflow can be really robust once you get the hang of Formulas.

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Thanks guys! I had no idea about the date add formula. This gives me some ideas…