How do I allow other users to see my emails?

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My emails are syncing and I can see them in the activities on people, opportunities, etc. But my colleagues can’t actually see what I sent - they’re only seeing who the emails were sent to and at what time. How can I allow other users to see my email contents?


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Hi @darrenph 

There are 2 different ways to allow other users to see your sent email content. 

1. Make all emails visible - If your admin has allowed it, you may have the ability mark your synced emails visible or private by default

  1. Go to Copper Web Page
  2. Click on "Settings" in the menu bar on the left-hand side of the page 
  3. Under the Personal Preference section, click “Email Settings & Templates” 
  4. Check off “Mark synced emails visible and automatically relate files to records”
  5. This will mark your synced emails public moving forward


2. Make specific emails visible - You have the ability to mark specific sent emails as public

  1. Open the Copper extension in your gmail browser
  2. Go to sent emails and find the email that you would like to make public
  3. Scroll over the email in the Copper extension and click on the Red Lock to make it public (Note: If the lock is green, the email is already public)


Let us know if you have more questions and have a great day!


Edit June 2022: admins can also set blanket permissions for their users. Under Settings > Emails Settings & Templates > Individual Email Visibility Control (Admin), admins will now see options to set all future user emails to private by default or to visible by default.


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Ahhh, with this, I so wish you could set email visibility for the team at a company-wide level as an admin! We find this popping up all the time for people that reach out to us.

I think a huge value prop of a CRM, especially Copper, is having shared visibility across the company. Anyone who is on the border looking at this, I highly encourage you to have everyone set visibility permissions to visible by default 🙂