How do I add a second address for contacts?

  • 6 May 2021
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I have office address and mailing address. How do I store both? Thanks!


Best answer by Evan from Copper 6 May 2021, 20:14

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Great question, Ravi! This would currently be facilitated through Copper’s Custom Fields. 

From “Settings” in the left hand menu > Customize > Manage Fields on Record. 

Since you want to be able to associate a second address with the "People" record, you would want to select "People" from your Field Settings, then click "Create Field".



Within the dropdown you would want to select "Text Field" or "Text Area". Text Field is limited to 250 characters and is searchable but not filterable. Text Area is limited to 1,000 characters and is also searchable but not filterable. In addition, Text Field is a reportable field, while Text Area is not reportable. 

You would then want to give this custom field a label, such as "Secondary Address". You can skip the "Field Key" portion unless you intend to reference this custom field while using Copper's Workflow Automation. The field key allows you to reference this custom field when writing a function, and the key is permanent once entered and cannot be changed. If you do not enter a key, you can come back and do so later.

You can then navigate back into your People record, find the Secondary Address custom field, and enter the necessary information.