How can someone unsubscribe from a bulk email campaign I send out?

  • 11 June 2021
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I am sending out a mass email campaign and want to know if there is an option for people to opt out or unsubscribe if they do not want to receive emails moving forward. Anyone have a helpful answer? 

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2 replies

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Hey @Frank the native Copper "bulk sending" isn't really meant for "mass email campaigns" they are meant for sending out a bulk transactional email (1-to-1 emails to a group of people).

So a safe way to understand this is "would someone want to unsubscribe from a bulk email I'm sending out?" If the answer is "yes" then you're actually using the wrong tool.

You should be using Outfunnel for these outreach emails, which has unsubscribe baked in and deeper tracking and reporting while at it. In addition, it's not sending from your email servers directly, so if people mark you as "spam" it won't actually hurt your main domain's deliverability as much.

If you use Copper's bulk emailing, it's sending a direct email from your inbox and if people don't want it, they will simply mark you as "spam" which will destroy your email domain and hurt your delivery rates in the future for any email you ever send out.

Google also keeps an eye on things like bounces/honeypots (fake email addresses typically acquired from a purchased list - that catch you into being identified as a "spammer")/large amounts of sending, and they flag your email domain as a known spammer. It's not a good look and incredibly difficult to "undo" (usually just takes years of sending genuine transactional emails).

Anyway, hope this helps! I've actually done a more structured and deeper write-up on when to use what email sending service and why, here:

Transactional vs Bulk Email Sending - What Should You Use And When?

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Hi @Frank, @alex has provided a pretty comprehensive answer there. Our bulk emailing feature is not designed for mass email campaigns. Rather, it’s there to add some efficiency to your normal one-to-one emails. You certainly could use it to send a mass email campaign, but keep in mind:

  1. It may affect your own Gmail account’s deliverability. As in your future emails are more likely to get flagged automatically as spam in the future.
  2. You can only send to 200 people in one bulk email, so depending on how many people are on your list you might have to send in several batches.

Outfunnel, Mailchimp, or our own Copper Email Sequences may be better options, depending on the specifics of your current and future email campaigns.