How can I remove abandoned opps from my pipeline?

  • 12 January 2023
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So I tried the following and the abandoned opps still remained in our pipeline. I ended up deleting them. Are they supposed to go away after so many days?

  1. Apply a filter. We actually have a default filter for Open Opportunities that will hide Lost, Won, and Abandoned Opportunities from your view. I’ve attached a screenshot of where you can apply that filter or any other saved filter.

1 reply

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Hi @NeoSakura , thank you for submitting your question.

Once a filter is applied, you will need to refresh the page to trigger the opportunities to hide based on applied filter. If you have correctly set up your filter to hide Abandoned Opportunities and the Opportunities are still appearing, it may be a bug related to Copper or your individual setup.

I highly recommend reaching out to Copper Support, via the Pink Chat Bubble within your Copper for immediate support to identify if it is a bug or setup issue.

Thank you!