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  • 19 December 2022
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I tried submitting a request through the website, but I received a notice that is no longer monitored. My issue is that I signed up for Copper using my company email address, and it set me up with a trial account. I was unaware my company needed to enroll me on their end. So now I have two accounts and it’s causing me issues with tracking and logging information to the correct profile. I need to have the trial account deleted. I just want to use the “ConnectUs Corp” login. Thank you.



1 reply

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Hi @josh.prestridge, thanks for posting! I’ll take a look at what’s happening, and then follow up over email since this involves some personal info such as your email address. Hang tight!

Normally we would direct this kind of question to our support team through the in-app messenger icon. But I don’t want to add another step for you, so hang on while I check a couple of things and I’ll be in touch over email. Thanks Josh!