Filter Inbox Removed - PLEASE BRING BACK

  • 22 June 2022
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We learned from Copper tech support today that a much used feature has been removed from the Copper Chrome extension for Gmail - the “Filter Inbox” tool. It’s featured in this Copper video:

Why was this feature removed and can you please re-activate it?

Here’s the Copper tech support response (not very helpful!!!):

"Filter Inbox" was taken away. Here's the explanation "Upon checking here, our product team already removed this feature to minimize the scope of an infrastructure upgrade they're needing to do. I recommend posting this to our community page or posting this as a feature request here. We don't have any information yet if it will be added back again."


1 reply

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Hi @Copper User 2019, thank you for your post. That feature was temporarily removed while our engineers completed some infrastructure upgrades. It will be back next week! 🙌

Your Chrome extension should update itself automatically when the time comes.

I apologize for the mixed messaging you received. Let me know if you have any questions about this or any other features, I’ll be happy to help you.