Excluding options when filtering

  • 27 February 2023
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Is it possible to exclude items when filtering?

For example, can I create a custom list showing all customers in Illinois except Chicago?

3 replies

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Hi @Eddie Chimi, thanks for posting! For the address field, we have options for: “containing,” “exactly,” “with any value,” and “with no value.” Unfortunately there’s no option for “does not contain” - which, if I understand correctly, is what you’re asking about.

I’d like to get this in front of the Product team for future consideration. Would it be ok if I turned this “Question” thread into an “Idea” thread for them to see?

Hi @Michelle from Copper and @Eddie Chimi 

I’ve got a similar question and would like to put my vote towards making this a future development :) 

We want to be able to filter “for” specific tags, multi-select custom fields, and locations while “excluding” contacts who are tagged or marked in other ways.

For example: 

Show people with tags/multi-select custom fields that match any of “A”, “B”, or “C”


Do not show people with tags/multi-select custom fields that match any of “D” or “E”

Assuming that’s not possible to do in the current state? Let me know if there’s any work arounds I could try that doesn’t involve exporting lists and doing it manually (our current method!) :)

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Hi @terakautheatre, thanks for reaching out!

You are correct - we can’t currently have filter exclusions in the way you described. Or more precisely, we can’t add both inclusions and exclusions within the same field.

Following your tag/multi-select example:

  • I can filter for people with a Multi Select Field containing “A” and/or “B” while excluding people with a Tag “X” - because a Multi Select and a Tag are different fields.
  • I cannot filter for people with a Multi Select Field containing “A” and/or “B” while excluding “C” from that same Multi Select Field - because that’s within the same field.

I don’t currently have any workarounds to suggest outside of exporting. But if I see or hear of one I’ll let you know.