enabling old emails access for the team (mail from people who left company)

  • 24 October 2022
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I would like to add mails from people who left already to be added to the copper items that they belong to (but this time visible to everybody that uses copper in our company). Can I upload all the mails for example to allow this ? I currently have 2 users where this is applicable.


BR, Mano


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3 replies

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Hi @wadawada, thanks for posting! Can you confirm if this is correct?

  • You have two former teammates. They were in Copper before they left, but all the emails were set to Private. So the emails are synced in the system but are not visible to you or other users.
  • You would like to make those synced emails visible to yourself and other users.

If this is the case, then our support team can help you with adding visibility to those emails. This is something they’d have to work 1:1 with you on instead of here in the forum, since it involve specific users, etc. Would you like me to put you in touch with the technical team? Alternatively, you can get in touch with them using the in-app messenger icon.

Hi Michelle,

Sure. In app would also work, just never used it before and do not know who to contact. let's start with email I guess, old fashioned :D

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@wadawada looks like you got in touch with Oliver about this and he was able to help you out 😊 Feel free to let me or him know if anything else comes up.

I’m going to mark my previous response as Best Answer so that others can find it easily in case they have the same question. Thanks wadawada!