Email tracking on Gmail (and false positives)

  • 11 June 2021
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Hi. New Copper user. Already a big fan. 

Have Email Tracking enabled for all my outbound communication (as per the guide here)  but every time I look at a sent email in Gmail, it records it as a “view” by the participant, resulting in a lot “false positives.”

It’s reading the pixel it placed in the outbound email, isn’t it? 

Any way to minimize that or turn it off? Since gmail threads the conversations, every time I look at an email in the thread, it’s marking it as an external view. 

Appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance. 

6 replies

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Hi @JohnK 


It's great to hear you're already a big fan of Copper! That's music to our ears. 


To disable email tracking on ALL emails you will log in to the website. In the left navigation go to Settings > Personal Preferences > Email Settings & Templates. Once you locate this section, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to "Email Open Tracking" and uncheck the checked box for "Track when emails are opened by default". And that's it! 



Once you have disabled all email tracking if there is a one-off email you want to track, luckily, you are still able to do so! As you draft your email in Gmail (and you have the Chrome extension installed), you'll see additional options to the right of the "Send" button. Simply check the purple checkbox to enable tracking on just that one email. 

Please let us know if we can help with anything else. 

Natalie, thanks for the update. 

Understand how to turn off the tracking. I still want to be able to track when the recipient opens...just wondering if there’s a way to limit the “false positives” when I look at the sent email. 

Any tips? Or that’s just the limitation of the pixel? 

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The Copper open tracking could definitely use some improvements. Can also agree on the "false positives" - hasn't been an issue for us as we just use Superhuman for our outreach and their tracking is great (huge trade-off though as open tracking doesn't make it's way into Copper - cough cough would love the Copper extension to be more of a "living" chrome extension accessible on many sites and not just Gmail, but I digress 😬).

Would love to see improvements on this front through for our clients (as the majority of them use Gmail as their main client).

Also seeing opens of other people's emails would be helpful as well, making it more collaborative. Not being able to see if a client opened an email that a team member sent over feels like a big miss in terms of collaboration as we have to ping our teammate to ask them if an email has gotten any activity (seems a bit unnecessary).

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@JohnK I turned your request into an idea here if you want to go upvote it for the product team to see:


@Michelle from Copper this is more of a feature request and something that I've heard from dozens of clients over the years.

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Thank you for the clarification, @JohnK You are correct that the functionality of the pixel is to track when an email has been viewed. I asked the team and we don’t have any tricks to workaround the functionality right now besides turning off the tracking entirely but I will make sure to update our thread if anything changes.


Thank you @alex for the additional insight and to turn this into a request. I was going to suggest that course of action as well.

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@JohnK Just a heads up that we’re actively working on a way to remove false positives. We’ll be posting updates in this Idea thread - make sure you upvote it so that I can notify you when a new update comes out.