Easily merge leads from search field

We are running into the issue of duplicate leads in our bulk imports. I see how we can easily merge them when I can find the duplicates, but the issue I run into is easily finding them. 


For example, I recently imported several hundred leads we obtained from a conference. After import, I could see that some people had already been contacted - the only way that is possible is because an email was sent to them when they were imported as a lead from a previous conference. The issue I find is that I cannot just search the name or email and merge the two leads. I have to scroll and find the other lead to be able to merge them. 


In relation to that, when I manually scroll through our lead list (we currently have ~13000) to find duplicates, and say I find duplicates down the list where names start with L, when I do merge the leads, the page automatically refreshes and puts my back to the top of the list, which requires that I start my scroll and search again. 


I do not want to lose the notes and activities my sales people have already done on existing leads, so I don’t want to export all the leads, clean the list, and import them back in.


Is there something I am missing? If not, my suggestion would be to have the capability to go to the search bar, input the email/name, and then when the search results appear, the ability to merge leads is right there.





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Hi @LexMcGollie! It sounds like there are two main components here:

  1. You accidentally imported some duplicates, and
  2. You’re having trouble merging those duplicates

For preventing #1, I recommend having the email address in both your contacts and on your import sheet. By default, Copper uses the email address to prevent duplicates. So for example, if I have a Person with the email, it will not create another Person with the same email even if I try to import it. But for this to work, both the existing Copper Person and the import sheet need to contain the email address so that it can do the cross-reference.

For #2, I completely understand where you’re coming from. I actually spoke with one of our product managers yesterday about the whole after I merge, it takes me back to the top of the list situation. I will also bring this suggestion to them:

my suggestion would be to have the capability to go to the search bar, input the email/name, and then when the search results appear, the ability to merge leads is right there.


In the meantime, I do have a suggestion to make this process easier. In your filter options, there is a spot for Name. Once you add a Name filter, you can do your selection and merge from there.

In the example below, I’m filtering for Names that contain Faulkner, and I’ve selected both People so that I can merge them.

Doing it this way would actually make it easier to catch different spellings than sorting it alphabetically. For example, I might be in your system as Michelle Lee, with a duplicate called Lee, Michelle. In that case, searching by Lee would more easily surface the duplicate.

As we discussed over email, we can get you connected to someone to talk you through this. And you’re always welcome to join our weekly Q&A!

Thanks, Michelle! I must have worded my question improperly, because the issue I am having is only in the LEADS section. We do not convert a lead to a person/opportunity until a demo is scheduled or a quote is requested. 


I will jump on a one-on-one so I can share my screen during the discussion. =)

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@LexMcGollie ah, gotcha! Makes sense. To be completely honest, using the Leads section can sometimes cause issues like that. It might be worth having a discussion with our success team on whether that’s the right setup for your flow.

I see you’ve got time booked with Nickie tomorrow - you’re in great hands with her! 🙂