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  • 21 April 2022
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Wanted to Ask a question on a related thread, but it’s been closed for comment.  Here is the answer in the closed thread on how one might go about creating duplicate tasks: 


While not a native feature, there'd definitely be a way to do this via Workflow Automation.

You could create say a "checkbox" field on a task called "Duplicate" (or you can use a tag on the task if you'd prefer), and then you'd set up in Workflow Automation, a trigger for when that duplicate checkbox is checked (When a specific field is updated on a Task), to create a task, using variables from the first task to pull over each field you want duplicated over.

You can find the variables you'd use on this page here:

Hope that helps point you in the right direction!

Curious what use-case specifically you find yourself having to regular duplicate tasks?


I’ve set this up, but my new duplicate tasks are just floating in space unrelated to a record.  The tasks I am trying to duplicate are related to an opportunity. Is there a way to relate these duplicate tasks to the same opportunity the original is related to?

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Hi @RebeccaB, thanks for posting! Yes, our older threads were being auto-closed after a set period of time. We’ve since adjusted the auto-close rules so this shouldn’t affect any new threads moving forward.

As for your question - unfortunately, when you trigger a Task to be created off another Task, it does not relate it to any records for you. And there is not a way to configure this in the workflow automation either; you would need to manually associate the duplicated Task.

Now, if you trigger a Task creation off an Opportunity, then it does relate it to that Opportunity. I’m wondering in your use case, does it make sense to build that trigger off the Opportunity instead? Perhaps you could have a checkbox for “Create follow-up task”. And after the Task has been created, you can get the workflow automation to un-check the box for you so that you can click it again the next time you need that same Task created.