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  • 11 November 2021
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I just imported a lot of info into Copper using excel spreadsheets. I just realized though that there are a few hundred “Imported Person.” They are just empty people. I want to delete them but I don’t know how. I imported them with a large group of other people so I can’t filter based on People import. I search “Imported Person” and they all come up, but I can’t select all based on search, only filter. Do you guys know how to delete these?


Best answer by Evan from Copper 11 November 2021, 17:41

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Thanks for the question, @Tony B.

Since Copper currently doesn’t offer the ability to filter by name, we recommend exporting your full list of People records, then updating on import using a tag. You can then filter by this tag which will allow you to bulk delete the “Imported Person” records.

To export your People records, click the “Settings” link from the left-hand menu of your Copper account. Then “Manage Your Data” > “Export Data” > “Export People”. This will initiate the export process and you will receive the file in your inbox. 

Next, open the Excel file and add a column to the spreadsheet called “Tag”. Then, add a tag to the “Imported Person” records, such as “Tony B People to Delete”. We recommend removing all rows and columns not needed (exclude the correct rows and only include columns with ID, name (to verify blank) and tag). 

You are then ready to import this file using Copper’s update records on import functionality following these steps: “Settings” > “Manage Your Data” > “Import Data” > “Import People” > Import your file.

After importing your file, click the “Manage matching records” check box:

We recommend using Prosperworks/Copper ID for the Field Key and then selecting “Overwrite” so that your records will be updated upon import with the new information. 

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Thank you,

Evan from Copper

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Hey Evan,


Thanks. That worked perfectly. 


Filter based on name is difficult I realize, but can the search function just allow for the selection of multiple people? That would have solved my problem possibly. Search “imported person” Select all, delete. 

You guys are doing a great job. I love the software. Keep it up!




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I’m glad it worked, @Tony B!

We are always striving for continuous improvement (both in product and service) so feedback such as yours is invaluable. I’ll add your note to our “Idea” section and will mention you in case the Product Development Team has any additional contextual questions.