Default close date for 1 year out not 30 days

  • 28 June 2021
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Due to the nature of our business our sales cycles are very lengthy, we always know it will take at least a year to even get close to closing the opportunity. Is there a way to set the default close date for 12 months/1 year/365 days however you want to set it up or is it only 30 days default and then manually select the date for each opportunity? 


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Hi @Jodi, you can use our workflow automation feature set the default Close Date to 365 day from the date the Opportunity is created. 

Example setup is below. Come join the our automation webinar if you would like to discuss, weekly on Tuesdays at 9am PST.

Formula Text: DATEADD(CURRENTDATE(),365)

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Thank you - I will see if I have a Tuesday available coming up. Seems it might be easier to just set the date at time of creation, but will look into automation. I guess I was thinking maybe in settings it could be set as each Copper client could want to do it differently and automation doesn’t always seem feasible as an answer, IMHO. 

Thank you