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  • 31 May 2022
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Hi Copper, can I create a list of products and associate a price to each product in my Opportunities? My business is structured so that I have a series of base packages, for example:  

  • Premium - 100 euros
  • Elite - 500 euros
  • Exclusive- 1000 euros

In addition, I have a number of additional “options” that can be added to the product packages and that also have an associated cost, for example:

  • Private label - 50 euros
  • Personalized wine corks - 25 eurs
  • Personalized wood cases - 75 euros

When I create an opportunity, I would like to be able to select the base package and have the associated price show up in the opportunity “value”. And if I add options, that those additional prices get added to the total value.

Is this possible, and if so, how do I go about setting this up? I’ve used other CRM systems in the past where it was possible to create a product and the associated price, but I don’t seem to find this on Copper, which complicates our sales reports and reducing errors related to manual inputting of values.


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Hi @VINIV, thanks for posting! We don’t have a native feature for product/price lists but depending on how many items you you could build out a similar function in workflow automation.

For the base price - assuming you have a dropdown for which base package they chose, you could set up three workflow automations that say:

  • If Base Package = Premium, change Value to €100
  • If Base Package = Elite, change Value to €500
  • If Base Package = Exclusive, change Value to €1000

You would set up each automation rule through Settings > Automate > Workflow Automation > Add Workflow. You’ll enter a name and then a Trigger and Action - here’s an example for the :

Remember to both save and turn on all your workflows automation rules.


For add-ons you can do something similar. Say you have a checkbox for whether they want private label, personalized corks, etc. You could set up a workflow automation rule that says: If Private Label is checked, add €50 to the Value.

This is what that would look like:

Note that the Action uses a formula monetary_value+50  - this takes the existing Value and adds 50.


From the Opportunity view it would look like this:


So you’d select the Base Package and then the add-ons and it will automatically update the Value.


Let me know if that’s helpful!