"Creating a Lead capture form"

We use a Wix website and the first issue is I no longer see any integration between the two.


I’d like to replace the website contact form with the Lead Form using the embed code created in Copper, but I’m having a couple issues.

  1. Pasting the embed code automatically utilizes the widget and I only want to use the form
  2. The embed code doesn’t work with adding it into any single component on a specific page.  It has to be added on every page?  

Essentially, I would like to use Copper’s lead capture feature and possibly the automation, but I just want that on our contact page, not every page like a “chat bot option”.  

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Hi @michfitkid ,

I’m curious as to your preference for embedding the form directly on a specific page. Can you expand on why that’s your preference?


Maggie at Copper

Design and our preferences for the aesthetics is one reason, but not the only valid one.  We also have contact forms on separate pages for customers to reach out for different services.  We have a tab for “Contact” and would like the form that creates leads to live there.