Create a email notification for all new opportunities created

  • 14 October 2022
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I’ve been trying to find a way to email a summary of the opportunity information entered when an opportunity is first created. 

I’ve made a Zapier zap to JotForm but for some reason JotForm is not emailing my submission. Although the submission is recorded in the JotForm database. 

It seems like a obvious feature to be able to set a notification to an email if a new opportunity is created. In this case it would be our group sales email. 



1 reply

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Hi @SKY3Y3, thanks for posting!

Just want to make sure I understand your situation. Can you confirm this is correct?

  • You have a webform through Jotform. When a new submission is entered, Zapier automatically creates a new Opportunity in Coper
  • The entries are also recorded in the Jotform database, but it’s not sending an email for some reason
  • You would like the group sales email to receive the notifications for a new opportunity. That group sales email is not a user in Copper.

Now, that last point is key - if that sales group email is not a user in Copper, you won’t be able to use any Copper features for these notification. But, you can use Zapier to send that notification.

This would involve adding a step to your Zap for Send an Email via Gmail. There, you can specify the recipient email (the sales group address), and the contents of the email (the details in the Jotform submission / in the Copper opportunity)


Let me know if this sounds like a good option for you and if you’d like more details on setting it up :)