Copper Needs You! We want to hear about how you manage relationships today

  • 11 June 2021
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Hi Coppernauts!

We’re trying to understand the way that our customers manage relationships in their business today.  How do you build new relationships and make sure that you’re keep on top of your current relationships?  How do you make sure that nothing drops through the net?  We’re thinking of how and whether we should bake this deeper into the product .

We think there might be something interesting there but we’d love to hear from you!

Excited to hear from you,


2 replies

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Would love for Copper to bake some of this deeper within the product!

We use a drop-down custom field on Leads + People + Opportunities called "Keep-In-Touch Frequency" with values like:

Weekly (7)

Bi-Weekly (14)

Monthly (30)


And in List View, we have it sitting next to the "Inactive Days" column, so it's an easy skim to see if I active days is larger than the keep-in-touch frequency number of days. We find this works better than using tasks for keeping in touch, but it's a manual checking process.

My personal CRM has a feature where you get to choose the frequency you want to keep-in-touch with someone (every week/2 weeks/monthly/quarterly/6 months/12 months) and then I have a view where I get to click "connected" and it resets that timestamp. It's fantastic! But that's where Copper could do it better because you're tied into our emails and communication, so you can essentially automatically "reset" the counter because you already know when we connect (interaction).

I'd love some insights though too, like "you've been keeping in regular touch with XYZ contact and haven't talked to them in XYZ days, would you like to reconnect to keep the relationship alive?"

That would be awesome to have sent in a weekly digest email or accessible from within Copper somewhere. Would love though for Copper to help more with the maintaining relationships side of things. 🙌

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Thanks for the feedback @alex, we’d love to hear from anyone else that is using Copper for Relationship management today or would like to see more of this from us in the future