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  • 11 March 2022
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I am evaluating Copper and really like it. Connect Fields are a powerful differentiator that most similarly priced CRM software lacks. As powerful as they are, they would be infinitely more powerful if they could include a simple text description field or better yet drop-down menu. For instance I’ve created a connect field between Companies. But when I connect two companies there is no way to define the nature of the connection. For instance if there was a simple text field I could enter “client/architect” or “owners are friends” when the connection is created.

I realize I could create a large number of different connect fields with dedicated labels for each type of relationship, but that adds a heck of a lot of noise when one relationship is more than adequate as long as you can give it a description.

Thank you!

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1 reply

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Hi @Copper Urn, glad you’re liking Copper so far!

Thanks for the feedback on Connect Fields. You are correct that there’s no way to attach a note or label to each connection. The closest we can get is exactly what you said - having a series of Connect Fields, each with a different (static) label. Some folks also use a Note or Description field to jot down the relationships, but that doesn’t give you the ability to link back and forth between contacts.

I’d love to pass this feedback along to the product team - would you mind if I converted this from a Question to an Idea? That way we can get it in front of them for future consideration.