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  • 6 January 2022
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Hi there. Just wondering how other community members have dealt with entering companies that have more than one location? For example, we have multiple contacts that work at ABC Company, but ABC Company has more than one location. How are we making sure we are capturing both locations in one company record AND affiliating different contacts with each specific location? Thanks in advance.

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Hi @JSJ - great question! There is one recommendation the CSM team commonly shares to organize the relationship between multiple locations on companies, and the contacts associated. 

I suggest using a text field on the Company record to note the parent company. This way you can roll-up opportunities to the parent company level. Also, it will enable uploading thousands of relationships if needed. Some drawbacks to this:

  • You can’t filter text field in list view
  • There is the risk of potential user error with typos or different spelling

Alternatively, I recommend exploring connect fields as a way to define how contacts are related to the parent companies and/or the regional location relationships. One consideration here is your reporting requirements. Connect fields are not supported by reporting currently although you can use list view filtering. You also cannot upload Connect Fields. 


I hope this helps, @JSJ !