Choosing Specific Email Address for Bulk Email

  • 13 January 2022
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Hi -

We have some clients that have multiple email addresses with specific preferences.  For example, some prefer communications to be send to their personal email address and others prefer to have it sent to their work email address.  I need a way to set a “primary” or “use for bulk emails” option to choose a specific email address to be used for bulk emails or email blasts.  Is there a way to do this?  Please advise.



2 replies

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Hi @Lori K, thanks for the question! Currently, we don’t have a way to specify which email address a bulk email should go to. I’m just checking with our engineers how the system currently chooses which email to send to.

I would love for the product team to take a look at this. Would it be ok if I turned this thread into an Idea?

Hi Michelle -

Thank you for the reply.  My client has a business need to select specific emails (personal, work, other) for communications and many contacts have multiple emails.  The contacts have requested that the client only send emails to personal account for specific topics and only send emails to work account for others.  We need a way to select which email address is allowed to be used.

We also need to understand how Copper chooses the email address to use when there are multiple emails within a contact.

You may have my permission to turn this thread into an idea, hopefully there will be a solution to address this need.

Thank you!