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  • 30 December 2022
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I need to move the sales data from one user who has left the company to a new users taking over their database. How do I do that?


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Hi @Malie, thanks for posting! The easiest way to do that would to be use bulk edit to re-assign all the opportunities, contacts, etc. I made a video for you showing how to do it for opportunities, but the same steps apply for contacts, companies, tasks, etc.


Just make sure that both your old rep and your new rep are users in Copper before done that.

If you’ve maxed out your Copper licenses and need to remove the old rep before you add the new one, you can still do bulk edit just with an extra step:

  1. Do a bulk edit but instead of re-assigning the opportunity/contact/task/etc, add a tag that says “needs re-assignment” or something like that
  2. Remove that former rep from your Copper system, and invite the new one in (Settings > Account Settings > Company & Invite New Users)
  3. Filter for the opportunities/contacts/tasks with the tag “needs re-assignment” and then use a bulk edit to assign them to the new rep.

By the way, when you remove a user, all their emails, activities, etc remain in the system. You’ll just see (deleted user) beside their name. For example: Michelle Lee (deleted user) logged a phone call. So the main thing is to re-assign their items to someone else.

Let me know if that helps!