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  • 1 March 2022
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Hi I need to change my email to [redated email address] from [redacted email address]




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Hi @Duane, I’ve forwarded this request to our support team so that they can help you directly with this change.

For privacy reasons, I’ve also removed the email addresses from your post (don’t worry - the support team has a copy of your original message with the email addresses).

General note on changing email addresses: I recommend you work directly with our support team for these types of changes. They will recommend the best way to proceed based on your situation. Get in touch with them using the in-app chat or by submitting this form.

If you choose to simply delete the old user and add the new one, keep in mind:

  1. All of the old user’s data (e.g. emails, activities) will remain in the system - you will simple see (deleted) beside their name.
  2. Any records that were assigned to that user will become unassigned. We recommend using a bulk edit to either re-assign them to another user or tag those records so that they can be re-assigned the the new user once they’re added.