Can you relate a calendar event to a person without adding their email to it?

  • 22 February 2022
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I’m a Realtor.


For example, I have marked an event on my calendar for an open house I will hold. I do not want this to go on my client’s gmail calendar or have them receive an email about it, but I DO want to have it linked under related calendar events. Same thing with any calendar events related to things like option expiration, financing deadlines, closing day, or other important dates.


What should I do?

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4 replies

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Thanks for the question, @cae787!

Currently, the only way for a calendar event to show up within a Lead/Person’s related tab in Copper is by inviting that specific Lead/Person to the Google calendar event (Where it is possible to avoid an email invite, but the event will show up on their Google Calendar).

Can you provide a bit more context about why it would be helpful for the event to populate within their Copper related tab without actually inviting them to the event? 

Depending on the specific use case, it may be beneficial for you to submit this as an Idea for our Product Development Team.

Thank you!

-Evan from Copper

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Hi -- thanks for the clarification.


Essentially, I want anything and everything related to a client to show up in the related tab, including calendar events. So if I am showing them a house, holding an open house, meeting with them for an appointment, meeting their contractor at a house, etc -- those events from my calendar need to be captured in Copper. I guess I could track those as logged activity, but it is extra work. I want to be able to click on a client’s profile and say “what’s coming up this week for John Doe?” 


I see how it is simple to just add them onto an event, but I don’t want that showing up on their calendar. Seems kind of invasive. It would not make sense for me to put “meet listing agent at 1234 Home Street” on John Doe’s calendar if I am not meeting him… In that example I would be meeting with another agent on behalf of my client. That is the kind of related event that is important to capture.


Does that make sense?

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Thanks for the additional detail, @cae787. This is helpful!

In this case, I’d recommend considering using Copper’s task functionality, which you will find in the Copper related tab. See the example below:

Tasks could be created on the Person record, or the Opportunity record related to the Person (if you are using Copper for opportunity management). 

Once the task is saved, you will see it within the associated related tab:

In addition, you will also see the task on your Google Calendar as a reminder (please note - the task reminder on Google Calendar will not be pushed to contact):

Then, you could navigate to the “Task” record in Copper and create a filter or sort by due date. Once the tasks is complete, you could then log as an activity within Copper.

Check out this overview of Activities and Tasks, put together by my colleague @Michelle from Copper , as you may find this to be a valuable resource for this use case.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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Thank you!


I will review all of this and let you know if I have any other questions.