Can you filter people to only see those for whom you have a personal email address filed completed?

  • 15 December 2022
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I want to identify only those people in Copper with a personal email address in order to send them a personalised email campaign. I will then do a slightly different campaign for the other people for whom I only have their work email address.


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5 replies

Sorry, typo in question there - what I am trying to do is filter out all the people that I have a personal email address for rather than just their work email address. 

for instance: when I try to filter on the email field I choose;


‘Match any of the the following


containing  ‘ ‘


But applying this filter returns zero results even though I can see before I apply this filter that the majority of the email addresses listed are personal email addresses. 

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Hi @JamieWoodbridge, thanks for posting! Our team is actually just about to release a domain-specific filter for emails, so you will be able to filter for anyone who has a “” or “” email. I’m going to ask if they can release it to your account a little bit early. But if not, if all goes well it should be released generally in the next couple of days.

That’s great news! That would be most helpful, yes. Thank you.

Although, even MORE useful would be the simple ability to filter for any people who have a ‘Personal Email’ field populated in their person record. If your Copper Product Manager is interested this is because for my use case I want to prioritise sending certain more personalised emails to those people that have given us their personal email address. 

Work email addresses are by definition more likely to be obsolete since people will change these every time they move jobs or employers. Whereas personal emails might stay with a person forever. 

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@JamieWoodbridge That’s great, thank you for the feedback. I’m going to pass that along to our product managers, with the explanation that searching for domain is more of a bandaid/workaround to the core need (filtering by email type).

I’ve asked the engineers if we can release the domain filters to your account early. I can’t say for sure if they’ll be able to, but if they do you’ll start seeing a Domain option when you go to filter by email address.