Can we Customize Info displayed on opportunity tiles?

  • 24 September 2021
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Is there any way we can customize the fields that show up on the opportunity tiles when on the board view? Currently that display Opportunity Name, Company, Owner, Value, and close date. Can we change any of those? See below: 


Additionally - can we customize what info populates when we do a search? Right now if you search a name or anything and hit enter the search results only pull up the title, stage, status, and the description field. Are we able to change any of those or add to it what displays? 




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Hi @Mindre, great questions there!


Fields on Opp tiles

You can customize these by clicking the gear icon in the top right on your pipeline view.

Select Opportunity Card Fields and this box will pop up:

Note, you can only display default fields on your tiles, not custom fields. Somebody did request we add custom fields to the customization options for the tiles - I’ve added the link below in case you want to upvote that Idea.


Info displayed in Search results

We don’t currently have a way to customize what information shows up with a search result. Our Product Team has been thinking a lot about the search function, so I recommend posting this as an Idea so that they can take a look.


Let me know if that answers your questions!

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Thanks Michelle! I upvoted the idea and also posted the other one :)