Can the Create Date be edited after an Opportunity is created?

  • 1 April 2022
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Sometimes, a day or 2 goes by before logging a new Opportunity.  I really want the Created Date to be accurate, especially if I’m creating the Opportunity on 4/1, when it really came in on March 31 -- the incorrect date screws up monthly reporting.


Is there anyway to edit the Created Date after the Opportunity has been created?




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Hi @seanh, great question. There is currently no way to edit the Created Date directly. However, you can overwrite it through an import. Specifically, you would do an update on import.

Basically, you would need to create a spreadsheet (CSV or XLSX) with the Opportunity Name and the correct Created Date:

Name Created date
Consulting package - Branson Co 03/31/2022
Licensing deal - Canary Inc 04/01/2022


Then go you to Settings > Manage Your Data > Import > Opportunities and upload the file.

These are the settings you’ll want to apply. I’ve highlighted the important ones with pink arrows.


I understand this process has a few more steps than simply editing the Created date. If you’d like to get that feedback in front of the product team, you should post it as an Idea and they’ll take a look. Especially the part about the dates affecting your report.


Anyways, let me know if that’s helpful. Thank you Sean!