Can't Log In to Mobile on Android

  • 18 January 2023
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After a factory reset was performed on my phone, I’m no longer able to log in to the mobile app.  


The Google account on the phone hasn’t changed, but when I click “continue with Google”, a black line travels from the top of my screen to the bottom while remaining on the log in screen.  I’ve always used the “log in via Google” method so I don’t have a password (which is the other optional method to log in).  


I tried the “Forgot my password” to see if creating or changing would allow me to log in that way, and I am automatically logged into the desktop app in my phone’s browser.   


Android Pixel 5, Android Version 13


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Hi @michfitkid, thanks for posting! I looks like Renz from our support team was able to help you out and this has since been resolved. For anyone who stumbles on this thread - the solution was the reset the password using these instructions.