Can I syncing emails where users and reps are cc'd?

  • 13 July 2022
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Not all of our employees are users in Copper, but they send emails to our clients. Apart from manually clicking on the email to relate it to the company record, is there a way to automate it so that when a user is cc’d it is synced to Copper? 


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Hi @tegand, thanks for posting! We don’t have a solution for your exact ask (syncing emails that a user is cc’d on). However, it’s possible to achieve something similar by having your colleague auto-BCC your Copper Mailbox address.

Your Copper Mailbox address is a unique email address that syncs emails it receives. So if your colleague is emailing a Copper contact, and includes the Copper Mailbox address as a BCC, it will sync into Copper.

If you go to Settings > Personal Preferences > Email Settings & Templates, you’ll see a box called Copper Mailbox with an email address. This is the email your colleague should add as a BCC.


I recommend having your colleague add it as an auto-BCC. This is pretty straightforward in Outlook, but unfortunately Gmail doesn’t have that functional built-in. So your colleague may need to use a Chrome extension such as Auto-BCC for Gmail by CloudHQ.

Here’s an example of an email synced through this method:

Couple of notes on this method:

  • This will sync emails sent by your colleague to a Copper contact, regardless of whether you or another Copper user are CC’d.
  • This will only sync emails that they send, not the ones they receive. This is because your clients won’t be including the BCC address in their reply. But it will include previous emails in that same thread (see example above)


Let me know if you have any questions!

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Hi @tegand, just wanted to check if you had any questions based on my previous answer. In the meantime I’m going to mark my previous reply as “Best Answer” so that others can find it easily. 👍

Thank you, @Michelle from Copper! This answer was super helpful. 


One follow up question - I thought I read somewhere that if a user is in the “to” field on a non-users email to a customer/company contact, that the email will also sync. Am I correct in thinking this? 

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Hi @tegand, my apologies for the delayed reply - I’m just catching up from our holiday long weekend up here in Canada.

Now for your question:

I thought I read somewhere that if a user is in the “to” field on a non-users email to a customer/company contact, that the email will also sync.

I believe you are asking about an email that someone sends to both a Copper contact and a user at the same time. And the sender is not a user nor a contact.

If that’s the case, the email will not sync.

  • If you are using the automatic Google Sync, the email’s sender would need to be either a user or a Copper contact.
  • If you are using the BCC address to sync emails, only emails sent by that user would be synced.

If you can let me know where you read that, I can make sure our team clarifies the documentation.

I hope that helps!