Can I import opportunities once a week?

  • 25 March 2022
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We use another software to start our request for proposals. Right now I take some of that information and manually create an opportunity in Copper. Sometimes the company and main contact already exist in Copper, sometimes they are new. But I still do this manually, is there a way I can import the data once a week into Copper?

2 replies

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Hello @ARCO!

I understand how manually creating and updating records can get tedious, and I think I may have the solution for you :). What software are you trying to import automatically from? In most instances, we can use Zapier to automate (with “zaps”) the sharing of information between Copper and another app (or site).

If you’re not trying to import from that software (or if it’s not a software currently supported by Zapier), please see my instructions below.

Please check out this article on “How to update on import (aka manage matching records)”.

When you update in this way, a few things are considered.

  1. Checks if that record exists in the system, based on the key field (more on that below)
  2. If that record does not exist, it will create it for you
  3. If that record does exist, it will either skip (i.e. ignore) it or overwrite with the data in your spreadsheet, depending on your settings.

The most important thing here is the key field; this is the unique piece of information that Copper will use to search for existing records and for Opportunities it is the opportunity name by default. But you can select a different field key in the process. Here is a list of key fields you can use with Opportunities:

Opportunity ID, Entity Name, Custom Text Field, or a Custom Number Field are all viable choices for updating on import (aka managing matching records).

You can find the information above, and more, in this other article on “Update Records on Import”.

Also, the articles linked also include information on the other record types in case you were curious about the “what” and the “how” on those as well.

Hope that helps, otherwise please let me know if I can provide additional info or answer another question you may have regarding this!


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Thanks so much @Ashar from Copper for this information. I have very little experience with Zapier, but the software we are using (that I need to get records from) is a custom built software, so I’m sure it’s not compatible with Zapier.

I’ll try to read through some of the links you shared and see if I can figure this out. 


Thanks again,