Bulk email results

  • 10 February 2023
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Is there anywhere I can review the results of/data from bulk emails? 

I am looking for a list of everyone I sent the email to, along with indications of open- and response rates.

2 replies

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Hi @Cecilie, thanks for posting!

Our bulk email feature is designed to act more as an efficient way to send emails you would otherwise type up manually. It’s not designed to be campaign-based, which is why we don’t campaign metrics like open and response rates.

If you have email tracking turned on, you can use the “My Tracked Emails” tab to see if individual emails have been opened by a specific recipient. However we don’t have high-level statistics for each bulk email send.

If you’d like, I can let the product team know that you asked about those metrics for future consideration.

Thank you, Michelle. That would be great — even if there’s a way to do it with reports in the future, that would be awesome.