Bulk Email Limit

  • 10 February 2023
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Is there a limit in the amount of emails you can send through Copper in one day?

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Hi @kendraboeve, thanks for posting! There are two kinds of limits you might encounter when sending bulk emails:

  1. Your daily email send limit, as determined by your Google Workspace account. This is the maximum number of emails that Gmail will allow you to send in a day. Since bulk email uses Gmail to send those emails, it contributes to your daily max. So if my daily sending limit is 1500 emails, and I do a bulk email to 200 contacts, then I’ve just used up 200/1500 of my daily email limit.
  2. A limit of 200 emails in each bulk email send - you can only select up to 200 contacts to be included in one single bulk email send. So if you need to send to 300 contacts, select and sent to 200 first, and then do another batch with the remaining 100.

Let me know if that helps!