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  • 1 July 2021
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Hi Everyone - Not sure what happened but last week i could send a bulk email to about 30 people and no issues. Today and yesterday try to send a bulk email of 200 names and another of 25 and both failed. The error message doesn’t really tell me why it failed and the help article from Copper doesn’t seem to give anything that helps resolve my issue - what other areas/settings etc. should I look at to get my email to actually Send?


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Hi @Matt from CXperts,

Is this the Help Center article you referenced?

If so, as a first step, make sure your email preference is still set as “Send and reply from Copper” (found within Settings > Personal Preferences > Email Settings & Templates > Email Preference.



The other item to consider is the email limit imposed by Gmail outlined in this article. Assuming you are under the daily limit and your settings are properly configured, are you able to post a screenshot of the error message if you are still experiencing this issue?